Representative Cases

Personal Injury/Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • $200,000 settlement in a motor vehicle accident case involving a teenage passenger in a vehicle operated by a drunk driver.  Injuries suffered included fractured tibia and partially severed tongue.
  • $100,000 policy limits settlement in a motor vehicle accident case involving a driver struck by a drunk driver.  Injuries suffered included fractured ribs and fractured tibia.
  • $95,000 settlement from uninsured driver first-party carrier in a hit and run of a pedestrian by a taxi.  Injuries suffered by the pedestrian included three dislocated metatarsals in left foot and Grade 1 shoulder tear.
  • $22,000 settlement in a low-speed motor vehicle accident case.  Injury suffered was concussion.
  • $18,000 settlement in rear-end collision. Injury suffered was post-concussive symptoms lasting two months.

Civil Litigation

  • $800,000 judgment in a civil dispute involving breach of contract and promissory estoppel claims.

Insurance Litigation

  • Investigation and examinations under oath of insureds in homeowner/arson case led to the denial of over $600,000 in coverage for breach of the cooperation clause and false swearing.
  • Investigation of underinsured motorist claim with policy limits of $250,000/$500,000 resulted in the withdrawal of claim for intentionally providing false and misleading testimony. Insured/claimant incurred $53,580 in loss-related medical invoices and claimed to have raised the policy limits two days prior to loss. Insured/claimant testified to complicity with insurance agency employee attempting to retroactively raise the limits post-loss.
  • Denial of claim pursuant to businessowners Policy for damage to property customarily stored at a location that was not listed on the declarations page.
  • Obtained declaratory judgment in civil action filed against insured and three injured parties resulting in the disclaimer of coverage for $100,000 policy limits/casualty claim. Basis of disclaimer was breach of cooperation clause for providing materially false and misleading testimony during the insured’s examination under oath.
  • Prosecution for fraud in the presentment of a claim where policyholders intentionally misrepresented additional living expenses in a water loss claim.
  • Obtained withdrawal of claim for insurer in $100,000 policy limits/casualty claim where insured claimed de-gloving injury to left arm and hand was the result of a motor vehicle accident. Defense successfully argued that injury was the result of prior, unrelated construction accident.
  • Dispute pursuant to homeowners policy involving the value of insureds’ residence. Insureds claimed $1.2 million in damages. Valuation of damages was submitted to reference, with an award of $650,000.
  • Investigation of third-party/optional claims presented against the insured resulted in disclaimer of all optional coverages. Claimant/insured vehicle occupant, presented over $22,000 in loss-related medical expenses. Insured admitted under oath to intentionally misrepresenting the principal place of garaging of the insured vehicle.
  • Investigation and examination under oath of an insured resulted in the denial of claim for loss of a diamond necklace valued at $47,500. Investigation revealed the insured misrepresented ownership and received a fraudulent appraisal of the scheduled item.
  • Obtained summary judgment in Worcester District Court (upheld by Worcester Appellate Division) against PIP claimant for failure to properly coordinate MedPay benefits. Claimant failed to timely submit notice of denial of benefits from HMO.
  • Obtained stipulation of dismissal for $0 in Suffolk Superior Court casualty case against an insured. Plaintiff agreed to dismissal after counter-claim for fraud was filed alleging the injuries occurred pre-loss from a vehicle operated by a relative of Plaintiff.