Landlord Tenant

While both the landlord and tenant have rights, each also has obligations. The landlord is responsible for premises maintenance and for meeting local housing codes and the tenant must abide by the terms of the lease and the obligation to pay rent. The landlord-tenant relationship is often subject to disputes. When terms of a rental agreement are violated, the landlord may issue an eviction notice.

Our firm has vast experience handling all types of landlord-tenant matters, from evictions to lease drafting. Our attorneys draft detailed leases designed to protect our client’s needs as a landlord and counsel landlord on how to properly collect a security deposit. We help landlords prevent “do-it-yourself” costly legal mistakes and provide diligent representation in every matter. Our firm can help to draft leases that are “landlord friendly” and allow for collection of attorney’s fees in case enforcement of the lease is needed, without violating Massachusetts law.

Our firms assist landlords in every step of the eviction process. Our goals are to help landlord ensure minimal loss of time and rent when eviction is necessary and recover possession of the apartment. Whether you need to evict your tenants for non-payment of rent, for violating the lease, or for no reason at all, our firm can handle any matter a Massachusetts landlord may need help with. Our firm has represented hundreds of landlords in the Boston Housing Court, the district courts in the metro Boston area as well as the appellate courts in a wide range of landlord tenant disputes.

Our firm also represents tenants in eviction proceeding and in civil matters to recover compensation or force landlords to fulfill their obligations under the lease or the Massachusetts law. The last thing any tenant wants to see is an eviction notice. Fortunately, Massachusetts law is generally more favorable for tenants, and our firm knows how to use these laws to protect our clients’ rights. Often, tenants may assert counterclaims and can even collect money from their landlord in an eviction matter. Without representation, many tenants can miss this valuable opportunity. Our attorneys are well versed in tenant’s rights and can help to keep you in the apartment, or get the money you deserve.

Every tenant in Massachusetts is entitled to live in premises that are safe and free from vermin. Tenants are entitled to many things under the State Sanitary Code, including heat, hot water, and electricity. If your landlord refuses to repair defects in the apartment our firm can help.

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