Insurance Law

Our firm has represented Massachusetts’ Insurers in various capacities for over a decade including claims involving the Special Investigations Unit, Personal Injury Protection coverage, M.G.L. Chs. 93A/176D, bodily injuries, business, homeowner and property damage claims. More specifically, we have assisted in special investigations, conducted examinations under oath and provided coverage opinions pertaining to potentially fraudulent motor vehicle accidents and/or bodily injuries. While our primary practice area is servicing insurance industry clients’ legal needs in the automotive insurance field, we have also maintained an active property insurance coverage and defense practice.

The right of an examination under oath, granted to an insurer pursuant to the terms of a policy, is one of the most important and resourceful investigative tools in the handling of claims. It also provides an opportunity to compel the production of relevant documents for inspection. However, requests for an examination under oath and document production are often controversial and subject to litigation. Furthermore, insurers may subject themselves to extra-contractual damages to an insured or claimant. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in defending extra-contractual claims asserted by policyholders.

We also have vast experience handling claims/litigation from medical providers, clinics and individual claimants. After a prompt initial file review, a comprehensive strategy for continuing investigation and/or resolution is agreed upon with the handling adjuster. We work closely with claims professionals, independent medical experts, forensic accountants and other experts to properly assess the most efficient utilization of resources to evaluate and defend claims.

For more information regarding Szyjka & D’Eramo’s Insurance practice, please contact David E. D’Eramo or Patrick M. Conran.